Taking Street Style Online

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The truth is, street style has always been around. It’s just that we call it street style now. It all started in Japan where people have always been creative in different ways they can and true enough, their diverse and wild fashion senses were always a spectacle for the world. They have always been the ones on the lead when it comes to some human discovery.

If you take a walk down a busy street of Shibuya, among the countless pedestrians – you will notice the amazing way some of the people you come across with have their own style of clothing. Their clothing are sometimes sewn at home or made by their own very hands. But clothing shops in Tokyo are still quite popular for their own unique designs. Before the internet was ever born to this world, Shibuya or Harajuku have always been surrounded by people who dress in their own fashionable ways. Kids with color-dyed hair in blue, green, yellow and more swarm the streets and their own flamboyant clothing never miss an eye-catch.

To some it may really be out of this world but to them, it’s a way of showing their personalities and style. It was only recently when street style was taken to the streets with the aid of fashion blogs. The accessibility to the internet and putting up information have made it easy for people post pictures of people on the streets wearing something that is absolutely chic. Blogs have made it easier to share things to the world and since street style was shared online, it was just a matter of time before the whole world followed the steps of looking good on the streets.

Styles today seen on the streets have been widely diverse as inspirations are simply everywhere. The more outrageously coordinated one’s clothing, the higher chances of being photographed and be posted on a blog over the internet.

The popularity of street style has compelled other websites to take advantage of this opportunity where people are going gaga over street looks. Wikifashionista.com, a rising website about fashion, has launched a contest for street style enthusiasts all over the United States.

Believe it or not, dressing up and doing your catwalk on the streets while on video record can give you the chance to win amazing giveaways from several stores. Shoes and handbags and more are waiting so check out wikifashionista.com/contest for details on how to join the contest.

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Taking Street Style Online

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This article was published on 2011/09/05